New York’s High Line Park

Since I’ve been so busy lately getting things ready for this upcoming art show, and working –I don’t have much to say or show but to let you know what I’ve been reading to keep me on the sane side of things…

I found this really interesting article in the local rag out here, I love creative projects that actually get completed instead of just being talked about.  New York has some of the best creative people working on everything from cloths to city projects.  This amazing project just opened on the 8th of June and is costing the city a few bucks, but the buzz this park is creating is second to none.


The project was created from an old rail line  (the High Line) from the 1930’s that transported meat, and dairy down the line from the warehouse district of  the west side of Manhattan.  The line was closed in the 1980’s and was slatted to get demoed shortly after by old Rudy.   But  as the story goes,  someone or some two, notice some flowers growing 20 feet above the street on the railway line.  The great idea was to turn this old line into an Urban park.

It connects three different Manhattan neighborhoods at a length of about 2.4 kms at a cost of over 152 million of state, federal and private money.   Only the first stage of the park opened on the 8th  but the rest is to be opened in 2010.   One more thing that makes me want to head back down to NY!

The parks site and blog can be found here