::New York in September::

The long awaited trip to New York with my Grandfather and Fam has finally come.  What was suppose to be a trip to Boston to run the Boston Marathon in April, has turned into another trip to New York.  Thanks to an 8 hour sell out of the Boston Marathon, I get to enjoy a trip and don’t have to run a marathon so……… i’m not complaining.  (new rules for Boston just came out actually…)

:: Probably one of my favorite shots in Time Square. This is on Artprojectonline ::

I am really looking forward to my week away to see a few more spots then I did when I went a few years back.  A friend and I had an amazing time and packed a ridiculous amount of things in just a long weekend.  Yankees game in the old Yank stadium, Time Square,  Empire State building, Grand Central Station, Wall Street, a  Central Park Run, Pretty good hike along the river and Broadway, and of course a few pub stops.

:: This was back in 2008, for sale on artprojectonline ::

One thing we didn’t do was run around the whole Central Park, all 14 miles of it.  You know you like to run, when one of your highlights is going to be running around a park.  I found a map of park and all  the different areas that you can enjoy, as well as a site that has city running tours.  Ill just be doing my usual lace up and see how it goes, but we are staying a pretty reasonable distance to the park and will be doing a number of runs there to get me ready for my half marathon coming up in Victoria.

::Victoria last year, be my four time runnin::

Of Course another Yankee game verus Red Sox will be the real reason why I am excited to head back.  Hopefully the Red Soxs hang in there for their Saturday game, so all the big boys will be out playing.  Be jumping on a plane this afternoon and coming back Sunday night.  I’ll be packing my camera as well as shooting some 35m film if I can find it!