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New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon

Some pre-race writing for the Feb 13th, a race that I have been eying up a very long time.  I’m going after a sub 3 marathon in a place or section of the US I have never been before.  After running my first Rock and Roll marathon last year in Las Vegas, I wanted go out to New Orleans and tackle a new one.  I’m using this race to get my running up to were I think it should be and use the rest of the spring to really focus on my cycling.

I’ll be staying at the Wyndham La Belle Maison Downtown New Orleans which isn’t too far from the starting line.  I am super excited to check out the scenery along the way as well as racing my first marathon for 2011.  I haven’t raced the full distance since completing the ironman back in August 2010.    I’m hoping to reach  my second goal for the season and can push towards my next big race in June at the Oliver half Iron with the goal of grabbing a spot for IMC 2011.  I’ll need to be top two in my age group to get me there.

An exciting side note to the race race is Scott Jurek will be running the race for Brooks.  He is one of the craziest  running people on the planet.  He has competed in some of the longest most insane running races in the world, and its cool to be at this event at the same time.  He is going to be a pace bunny to those who have the most facebook “likes”.  Its looking like he will be running for the 3:30 group, not enough 3:00 people I guess.

Leave Friday with Southwest Airlines from Seattle with one stop in Denver then New Orleans.  I’m hoping the travel and time change doesn’t throw me out.  Looking forward to a bit of a change, and getting some good photo shootin.