New Bike :: Specialized Transition

Since catching the tri/ ironman bug  about a year and a half ago, I have invested hundreds of hours in training and now I have “invested” the money.  I did a fair bit of research in the last little while and its hard to beat the pricing and competitiveness of Cervelo, but Specialized has been going full steam ahead with their line of bikes.  I just didn’t want something different,  I wanted something stiff and comfortable.  After all the reading the Specialized transition was probably the best match for my body type. Their pricing is roughly 400-500 dollars more then the comparable cervelo but their bikes have been spotted a lot more in the last little while with a pretty impressive line up of pros jumping on.

I ordered a new 2011 transition but after a little mix up, cancelled it and found last years transition pro with a sick set of mavic wheels all ready mounted.  Pretty dam stoked on it and already took it for a cruise today, and well…the playing field seems to be level now.  Now I have no excuses.

Large frame... I'm about 6 feet so it will workout nicely.

mavic wheels...nice little add on.


New shoes to match, set of Diadora tri shoes called the Infinity. They felt awesome today.

The konasaurus, showing its age. Ten year old bike, that got my to last years finish line, minus a spoke. (and no tri bars)