My top 5 places to hit on a snowstorm in Western Canada.

Been finding it difficult to get out an train for the big run with the way the weather has been lately for two reasons.  Skiing right now is the best of the year, and second its rainy and snowy in the mainland.  Mount baker has had 5 feet since Saturday, Hemlock has had over a meter in the last 60 hours, so its a little crazy out there.  Have a few people heading up to Manning to do some ski touring this weekend but its defenetly not in my top ten places to go touring.  My folks are heading up to Big White in Kelowna this weekend so I’ll find out how things are up there. Kinda wishin I was out in the interior to ski their nice light power, its defenetly a lot lighter out there.

List of the places I would hit first!

Castle Mountain – In southern Alberta has to be the best hidden gem.  Its slowly coming out but due to its off and on conditions its a hit or miss ski hill.  It has some of the craziest shoots you’ll ever see in bounds.  They get the craziest power when it comes and I still haven’t found a better place to ski glades.  I did ski patrol here back in the University days and could stay over night for 5 bucks!   Still have to go back since I finished up at the U of L.

Kicking Horse- in Golden BC has some of the best right off the mountain skiing touring.  They have amazing vert  (blackcomb vert) with out the people.  Too bad they are 6 hours from Vancouver.

Silver Star.- In Veron BC has to be one of the better interior mountains in BC.  I has a huge rage of terrain, but nothing really as far as off the mountain touring.  Snow is usually good and has a lot of nice hidden step runs to get the blood going.  Has a good little village and a good community feel.

Blackcomb/Whistler– Make sure its during the week and there was a rock slide blocking access to Vancouver, and if that happens you would have the best day of your life.  As far as terrain nothing beats this giant.  Step, cliffs, trees, and vert.   Off hill touring is good from what I have heard. Snow is usually heavy but if you get a -7 day, its smooth sailing.  Left it to number 4 because its skied out in an hour on a power day.

Whitewater– In Nelson BC, a nice little hill.  Not huge but gets good snow and the touring is amazing.  Usually hit this place up one a year and have had good luck on the snow every time I have gone up.