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Music for Lifefest in Cochrane, AB

show poster

Saturday, June 5th is the day for the Music for Lifefest in Cochrane, AB. This is the first run out of the gate, I hope it turns into an annual event. The proceeds go towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I have 13 performers coming from all over AB, to help make this event a success. It is in honor of my Gran, who passed away in August of 09. Although she was 98 yrs old, she had terrible breast cancer in both breasts. I personally know of 5 people who have had the disease; 2 who have passed, sadly, 1 who is battling and 2 survivors! I recently found a lump, had it checked out-luckily it was just a rancid cyst. But, Breast Cancer has almost become like “catching the flu” these days. It is so unbelievably common and so unbelievably unnecessary. I hope and pray for great weather, but even more so, I hope and pray for a great turn out! The only way to fight this senseless disease that affects so many women (and men!), is to do it together! Thanks so much to all of my wonderful family and friends for helping me co-ordinate this event-it will be a success because of their help 🙂

Andrea Ceron.

if your on facebook  here is the invite