Having a full-time job and  trying to train for a race is a very though , especially if your looking to complete an Marathon or an Ironman.   For myself being in the construction industry, I find it very difficult to stick to a set training schedule.  Weird hours, long hours, or no hours.  Finding motivation sometimes just as challenging as the run, bike or swim that you need to do.

I’m always on the look out  for fresh ideas, and new training spots to keep it interesting.  Quick little weekend trips help in the spring and summer to get yourself out of the daily grind and into the elements.  Going to new places and trying new things is one of the key factors to keeping me motivated.  Sometimes you don’t have the time and have to stick the the usual, and when that happens I often revert to the internet for some help.  I generally use twitter for some quick links to different blogs but also have my regular reads.  Below I’ll share with you some of my favorite places to go. I haven’t invested in coaching or training groups to keep me on task, but I find part of the fun is trying to figure things out on your own through reading, searching, and watching.

Link for different videos, interviews, and training logs for the Ironman Championships.

Very cool story of a professional tri guy (Jordan Rapp) getting his life back to where it once was.

Last years winner of Kona

Dirk Bockel’s blog that has some great videos and links of what he personally does to keep moving forward.

Video of two of the greatest swimmers.  Some very good underwater footage. Two totally different swimming styles going head to head.

This youtube video was pretty much the start of getting me hooked on the sport.

Great Blog with a lot of info to help with many different aspect of Tri.