MEC running series


I got a tip of a new little race series in Langley out of the new MEC store was starting its 2014 season off on Jan 26th Williams Park.  I figured it would be a perfect start to set me up for the Vancouver first half in about a months time in Feb.

It was a little brisk in the morning but with the sun shinning and the blue sky, I figure it was a good day for a 10km.  The 10k race started at 9, and the 5k distance started at 9:15.  Pretty simple 5k loop that worked out really well.  Despite some black ice on the east-west sections of the course, it was well suited for a little weekend smash.  I found the course a bit challenging with a short hill to start and to finish with a few more little rollers between but still had an easy flow of the overall layout.  The toughest part of the race for me was running solo and trying to keep my pacing through the whole 10k.

One of the East/ West sections.  A little black ice!

One of the East/ West sections. A little black ice!

My favorite part of the race was seeing some little guys out there smashing some ks.  It’s awesome seeing them out there with their fathers/ mothers racing.  Seeing those kids out running made me remember my first 10k racing with my Mom.  Very cool…after the race, the race director together asked me if I was related to Rhonda, Yup…thats my Mom!

Can’t go wrong for 20 bucks, chipped run–markers every 1k for you non-gps owners and a small group of runners so you don’t need to throw your elbows around.  I clocked in at 37:51- 1st in a massive field of about 40!  Just about a minute short of the goal, got some work to do!

MEC has a whole listing of running and other events through out the year, worth having a look.

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