Magento’s 1st Anniversary of Product release.


I have been playing around with Magento for probably the last 3-4 weeks and love so many things about it.   So far the best part  you can add, edit pages with out using an external editor.  It makes for quick page creation and creates less confusion.

I am having some issues as well, so its not all glory. I’m still trying to figure out how to set it up locally because of problems with uploading via FTP.  I use Media Temple as my provider and use FileZilla for my  FTP.  With over 7700 plus files on to my server, I continually get failed transactions (usually the same files) going with regular FTP.  I am still new to a lot of this but hoping once I get the store front working and uploaded right I will have more great things to say.  I bought a template and hope to have a new store functioning in 2-3 months.

Reason for a Magento Rant?– Its it first year anniversary of Product Release.  They Have 750, 000 downloads, and close to 85, 000 users.  Not bad for your first year…I still have some bones to pick with them, but over all, I feel this store front will take over.  Almost on a weekly basis new templates are released.  Bye-Bye, zen-cart, and oscommerce?–Seems like a new kid is on the block.

They also just released version 1.3.0.