Project :: Lightbox

I’ve been toying with this idea for a long time. My grandpa was going to throw out all these slides that he didn’t want anymore, so I decided to save 192 of them from the trash. I came up with a lighting box concept, similar to ones that I have built before, but this one will be an actual lighting box.

I will be making a few more of these as more slides come in and with be for sale on the art project website. Be looking at about 350-400 dollars for one of similar size

The basic materials used. The frame size will be 20 inches by 4 foot. Perfect size for over the fireplace. Also have 2x2 and 1x3 wood for the structural framing. It's already primed white..

Basic frame built with the 2x2 and a 33 inch light and switch.

Glass inserted and is cut to fit the 20 inch by 4 foot frame. The glass was placed in between the 2x2 frame and the 1x3 outer frame. All ready started gluing the slides to the glass. Used a weldbon glue that was a quick dry.

I tried sorting the slides into colours and glued in a sequnced but didn't have enough choice of colours and slides to really make it work. Total of 192 slides, and took about 45 to an hour to glue and sort them all out.

Final result...pretty happy with the final product.