Las Vegas Marathon Weekend with real-time updates

Today I’m heading off to Vegas to try and get me a spot for the Boston Marathon in April.  I’m needing a 3:10.99 or less to get my butt there.  Feeling a lot better then I did since I got back from Cuba and hope once I get to the desert things will come together.

Apparently on a site called competitor wireless you can track races in real time  here via your cell phone, pretty freakin crazy.  Its obviously not free but 5 bucks lets me add five peoples phone numbers plus one free.   I’ll test how the service works and see, if your interested in tracking, all you need is a last name and find the Vegas marathon and you will be able to get updates via text message.

You can also track via the net for free @ click on Las Vegas and then click on the LiveResults bug on the home page during the race and you will never be out of touch with 4 or 5 updates at different timing stops.    I love how creative technology gets.

a little screen grab....

a little screen grab....

Staying @ the Wyndham Resort just off the strip, fingers cross that the hot tubs with be working…Leave tonight and get back Monday night, hopefully with a happy hangover.