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Lake Samish open water swim

Sunday morning I headed out to Lake Samish for my first open water only swim race that was 5k long.  I have done two previous open water races in the half ironmans at shorter distances but I wanted to make sure that my swimming was ready for the end of August.  A two loop course and a gel stop half way.

I got up at about 5:30 with a bit of a stomach flu but made it out there for 6:40.  Race pick up was from 6:30-7:30 with the race starting a 8:00.  They had a pre-race meeting 10 minutes before that I wish I would have paid a little more attention to.

Race went well until the two people I was behind were only doing the  1.5mile race.  I was now the leader without a clue on what markers to swim to.  I ended up getting cut off by a race kayak to go back around one of the cans and after that he ghosted me the whole way.  I ended up get caught by a little rocket by the end of the race to grab 2 second, she was joking with me after about how she wouldn’t have caught me if I didn’t swim off course…oh well.  Fun swim that I might have to try and get over for next year.  Finished up with a 1 hour 13 minutes which should set me up with a good 4k time in a few more weeks.

race website: http://www.lakesamishswim.com

swim was two loops around the small section on the left