Lake Samish half marathon

Trying out the camera on the new phone, 45 minutes from my door straight south after a 30 minute Seahawks border lineup.

Closing on the middle of February, I wanted to see where I sat before I go after the Rock and Roll marathon on the 13th. I’m finding it a bit tough through the winter months to push myself on the track so I was using this to give me a bit of a shove.

I was running late and showed up @10, which was suppose to be the start time. Thank goodness there was about 40 people waiting for the shuttle, so they delayed the race til everyone was at the start.

From January to about the middle of February there wasn’t much for half marathons around B.C. so I looked south to see what was around. Ended up finding an event put on by the Greater Bellingham Running Club down at Lake Samish, a place I am very familiar with after swimming an open water race back in August. For 10 dollars you loop around the larger lake @ 6.5 miles twice with a nice down hill finish to round out the 13.l mile distance.

nice calm morning, this was the smaller lake that had the swim in August.

Going around the lake on a non rainy day made it easier to lace up and felt like I was racing around a giant scenic track. I wasn’t a fan of looped runs but this running course it didn’t seem to bother me. I was impressed with how the event was put on for a small event, and would look at running it again. A chipped run for 10 bucks, and you don’t get “another” shirt unless you want to pay for it, something I think most runs should look into. Ended up running my 6:30 mile pace and pretty sure my time will be official @ 1:24.54, with non-fall classic timing.

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