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::July’s Photo Picks::

A lot of trips, races and events going on in July. A few trips down to Alberta, Washington and the interior of BC. Here are my favorite shots from July.

::Had some amazing weather in the middle part of July up in Banff.  Made for some very stunning imagery::

::Flooding season…had a few weekends of detour riding.  This was down in Fort Langley, one of my weekend spots::

::Flood water in Sicamous, on our way to Banff.  The houseboat capital was under a lot of water.  For people that have been house-boating, the bottom of the train bridge had about 4 feet of clearance.::

::Tri Junction in Banff::

::Sun and heat in Lake Louise at the station historic site.  Had a great dinner there.::

::This was some morning sky on the to Canmore from Calgary. ::