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ironman/ironmanfund.com final count down

Just over a week left til Ironman Canada in Penticton goes down on the 29th.  This also means just over a week to try and reach the goal of 5,000 for the Heart and Stroke foundation.  After a huge weekend with two fundraisers one in Calgary and other out here in Langley, I am so pumped with the total close to 3,0 00 dollars ( 2,400 showing online.)   I am so thankful for everyone’s help so far and looking forward to the big race.

I am feeling pretty tired but I can tell the body is starting to feel strong and healed up.  Swimming is getting easy and smooth, biking isn’t as slow as it was two months ago, and when I’m running it doesn’t feel like I’m 200 pounds.  Going to start tracking the weather and read up on race day tricks and food hints.  Heading up next Thursday and might have to do the float 5-6 times just to stop me from running or biking too much while I’m up there.