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::Ironman Tattoo #2::

Its becoming a normal activity around this time, at lease around the fall/ winter time.  After finishing up my second Ironman Canada this year, I headed down to i-kandy tattoo shop in Langley once again to get the last bit of pain left from the race season.

I decided to go with another number, and had it stylized to fit with current work already on my arm but also to line up with what I hope to get next year at this time 😉  Tim the artist that did the art work as well as  tattooing and apparently had done a few of the usual Ironman tattoos so he knew the reason why I was in the chair…  I didn’t get too creative with the idea but did like what Tim came up with, its hidden quite a bit but still easy enough to recognize if I explain whats going on.

Here is some images from last years IMC design.


::first dab on the arm::

:: finished Tim finishing up the outline::

::end of session, about an hour and a bit in the chair::