::Ironman St. George::

After continuity beating my head against the wall, I decided to sign up for Ironman  St George  on May 5th 2012.   My 2012 race plan has already been thrown out the door and replace by this crazy race!  I am pretty pumped up and have regained focus for 2012, and look forward to a new challenge.

I'm hoping this doesn't happen again.

Being hailed as the toughest ironman and as far as I know the only one that doesn’t sell out, without a doubt, be my hardest test to date. I can’t stop thinking about what I could have done differently to finish off my Ironman Canada and can’t seem to wait a whole 9 months to race another ironman.  This one is probably not the best one to start my season off but comes at the best time of year for me personally.


Summers are a tough time of year for me as our work schedule peaks at the time of Ironman Canada.  I’m hoping that I will enjoy Utah and shift my training around so that this will be the race I focus on, instead of IMC in August.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research with hopes that I can learn from last years mistakes and push myself to a better finish.  A Sub 10 hour race doesn’t seem realistically possible this year but I will be looking to complete and hope to make a strong case for Kona spot.  It will be a massive grind with a very large portion of my training been indoors on the trainer, as well as no prior knowledge of the conditions or course experience. Every write up or video I read or watch, I get more and more pumped up to see how much this race will kick the shit out of me.  One of my favorite sources has to be a  local BC girl and her husband Trevor and Heather Wurtele.  These two seem to be the experts of this race with Heather winning it the last two years by a massive margin.  A lot of good info from these two and just a good all around good site about life as a professional triathlete.

I’ll be driving down with the Creeper on the truck and be ready to race in May.  If anyone else has info to share for this race or have done it before I would love to hear about it!  Link me or send me your write ups.!

After doing Ironman Canada in August and not happy with the result of my finish, I couldn’t go through a whole winter without a chance of learning from my mistakes and