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::Ironman St. George Count Down::

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was gazing into my computer screen watching this video…

Now with a week til I head to Las Vegas to tackle one of hardest Ironmans in North America, I am ready for it. I’ve been training since about Janurary with a huge amount of indoor work, and have been slowly transitioning to the outdoors.

I feel that a sub 10hr races is possible for me on this course and hope that the conditions will let me achieve it. I’ve been looking at the weather for the last 5 days and it looks to be just like last year. Freakin HOT! This of course makes me worried since last years Ironman Canada as well as my first Half iron of the season really killed my ass, mostly due to heat. This year I’ll be a little more ready with a lot of overdressing for bikes and runs, as well as sauna sessions after my swims.

::My Sugoi race kit, The back has a lot of white in it so I should be ok. Look forward to testing it out.::

Goal time breakdown

Swim 53-56. I would like to get out in front like I did in my first Ironman and have some clear water but I’ll see how things line up. I shouldn’t have a problem holding 1:25 hundreds if I don’t have to fight for every stroke.

Bike 5:30. I did some regearing to help my climb, but also my biking fitness is continually getting better. I believe a 5:20 is doable but I haven’t raced since August so this is a bit of a wildcard.

Run 3:25. This is were I really want to improve. My running has slowly gotten faster over the years, and my 1:21 half on a hilly/ half trail course should set me up nicely. I’m still really pissed of about the marathon last year at IMC, so this is really were I want to show up if not anywhere else.

::Bought these sleeves to help keep me cool on the bike and we will see if I'll keep them for the run. Should be pretty useful, their called Sun Sleeves. They reflect UVs::

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years especially in the fueling department. I’ll be using mostly the Vega products, a few powerbar gels, and high sodium shot blocks once I get sick of everything else. The Vegasystem has been great over the last 2-3 months been keeping me less hungry and tired on my long workouts. I’ve also dropped a few LBS also in a effort to make it easier on my body, and a little lighter for the marathon.

My race number is 644, race starts at 7am with about 1800 signed up right now…maybe a bit more once Saturday rolls around. I’m looking at it as a test of how well my own training program has done, as well my knowledge in fueling and nutrition. Meanwhile I am hoping it cools down a bit! I am really looking forward to the swim and just getting this thing started.

I decided change my plans and to fly into Las Vegas despite thinking I would drive, flights are so cheap! Leave Wednesday night, race Saturday, come home Monday morning. Staying at the usual timeshare spot for most of it, and a day maybe two in St. George depending on how the race goes!