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Advanced 26 week Ironman Plan

I’ve used a 36 week program developed by Mike Lierandi for three years and has gotten me to Ironman Championships in Kona on my 3rd year, with a 9:48 Ironman Canada. I have a swim background with 4 years of rec marathon training under my belt before I started my first Ironman in 2010. I am also self coached and work full time in the construction industry. The work load goes from 11 hours all the way up to a maximum on 22 hours. (roughly 400kms peak) per week.

As last year I’ll try and post every Sunday night for the full week. The program will go in 4 week cycling with the 3th week being a peak week. It will continually build with each month and will have at lease one tough session per week, per discipline.

This plan is a take off from my plan from last year, and will be 26 weeks for Ironman Couer D’alene on the 29rd of June 2014. This program will start on the New Year.

WEEK 1 starts here.

Here is a quick breakdown:


Swim – moderate intensity & duration
Bike/ or Run – low intensity & duration


Bike – moderate intensity, low-to-moderate duration (short morning session) Some days it will get doubled up/ two of these one in the morning one before the tough run session.
Run – high intensity, moderate length- (usually alternate between track and treadmill-toughest of the week)

Wednesday: Biggest week through out the work week.

Swim – moderate-to-high intensity, lower duration
Bike – moderate intensity, low-to-moderate duration (longest session of the week)
Run –This will be used sparingly- short 8-10k session after the bike

Swim – low intensity, long duration
Bike – moderate intensity,moderate duration (generally the toughest, highest intensity for bike)


Swim-will mostly be used as a active recovery/ slow and longer distance-keeping good form and getting some extra swim mileage

Run-Depending on how my work week goes-I’ll get a short treadmill session in for extra speed work- 4-5 miles total.

Complete recovery day–Sometimes use this for the bike or run workout from Monday

Saturday: Generally the biggest day.

Bike – longest duration, moderate-to-high intensity
Run – moderate intensity & low-to-medium duration (some weeks it will get switched up with a tough speed session)


Run – longest duration, lowest intensity
Bike – short duration, low intensity (some weeks this bike will get pumped up a little to grab some extra kms)