::Ironman Kona links for streaming and tracking::

If your looking to watch the battle go down at Kona at the Ironman Championship here are some links to help you watch and track.  Iron trac is a iphone app that works pretty well, you just need a name or bib number of the athlete to track. Had a few people use it for Ironman Canada with out much problem.  If you start at the ironman kona website and do a bit of a search here,  their will be a link to their own cameras on the course as well as live finishing line cam. It should also be on this link as well.  Universal Sports will be doing a broadcast as well and should have the times and channels on their website.  The images below are clickable and will take you to their website.








If you don’t know anyone doing the race track number 1677…that would be me.  Its been a good year so far but also a tough one. I’ll be doing my 3rd full distance race this year and think that’s more then enough for one year. It not so much the racing, its those tough mid week sessions that just kill me. Tuesday night basement trainer sessions, sweat til you dont have any thing left as well as Thursday night run speed sessions. Of course its nothing compared to the Iron Cowboy James Lawrence this year who set a new world record (30), I find it more mentally draining then anything.

::All packed and ready to ship::

Driving very early Wednesday morning out of Seattle and get into Kona around noon. This can’t come soon enough. I hope that there is one more good match left to start the fire on race day. I really don’t know what to expect but would like to better my time in Penticton. I know its a different beast but think it’s possible, I’m looking for a sub 10 showing again or better. If anything I want to finish strong, and beat down my marathon.