::Ironman Couer D’alene 2014::

I’ll just go straight into the start. The swim start was probably the roughest since my first triathlon, but this was worse. I dove into the water with a brand new set of goggles that I never tried on. Boom, they feel off and then I fixed them 2 or 3 times with only one eye would stuck on. It was an interesting swim with one eye.  Lesson learned!  I felt like when I was a kid playing super Mario bros and you missed that first free dude. You just wanted to hit the restart button…this was not the start I was looking for!  Let the negative feelings start creeping in already… I knew on the walk up to the lake that it wasn’t a day for going after a PR, it was a day of racing people not the clock. Everyone was just hoping the wind would die down, the lake sure looked mean for those pros that had a first loop on everyone.  Fingers crossed it would hold off for the rest of the race.

I'm too lazy to sratch out the copyright...good shot of the bike and power wheels.

I’m too lazy to scratch out the copyright…good shot of the bike and power wheels.

I settled down finally after one last  failed try to fix my goggles on the turn around for the second loop. I  had a better second loop with it almost the same time as the first.  Looking at the splits not many  people were able to do that.  I know I probably moved my way back up to the front on the second loop maybe grabbing 20-30 spots.  Going out on to the bike course I knew I had to be careful.  At this point I was still having some negative feelings and needed to fight them off.   This was very similar to Boise and needed to be smart and pace properly.  I basically just kept an eye on my heart rate, I did have power for this race but  its a still fairly new number to me.  I figured keep that around 220-250, keep everything controlled.  I grabbed a few people on the first miles, then obviously very quickly found the group ofguys that I would  later see a lot of through out the race.

Looks like first loop, slowly moving up.

Looks like first loop, slowly moving up.

In about  20 or 30 minutes into the race, what would now be called the 4th discipline, let the peeing begin.  I think with the swim so rough, and downing a ton of water…peeing would be practiced a lot.  Twice on the swim, and 8 times on the bike and other 2 on the run.  It was crazy.  I kept getting passed on the down hills while I got rid of my lower back pain, and then back up to them on climbs.  All day long!  I felt great, took salt for the first time, one salt tab every hour and finished up my whole bottle of 1600 cal.  The ride felt easy and not a single cramp,  looking back I think I could have pushed a bit more but man I was worried about melt down #3.  I had 40km targets and didn’t hit a single one,dam wind!

I got told Chuck NOrris didn't do an ironman...he did now.  My usual head down, must be getting dtough.

I got told Chuck Norris didn’t do an ironman…he did now. My usual head down, must be getting tough.

Dumped my bike for the running shoes and a new pair of socks. I honest though I would get trench foot after all the drippin.   Maybe one of the best plays of the day.  I got out on the course and I didn’t  have the brick legs.  Felt great, and carefully pushed on.  At this point I new I was doing fairly well in the OA standing since only a few passed on the bike and took a few looks on the 6mile turn around.  I grabbed a few people right off the start and wanted to make sure they stayed behind me.  As the race wore on some really fast runners got me but I caught up to the people that raced the bike like I did in Florida and Boise.


The finish like is like taking ski boots off after a huge powder day...just need a jug of beer in the ski lodge after this one.

The finish like is like taking ski boots off after a huge powder day…just need a jug of beer in the ski lodge after this one.

I’ve gone full circle, being top 10-30 coming out of the water to it being my lowest rated split this race.  The run was  fun seeing everyone out there, friends and teammates on this course both on the bike and run helps you push out there.  Yelling at the first  Overall Amateur Scott Frandsen to keep smashing it, to all the other guys toughing it out on the course.  Team Every Man jack had 6 of us out there and had one other good buddy crushing his race. (and PR on a tough day.)  Coming down that finishing shoot was pretty awesome, I tried my best to keep my head up to soak it in.   I had no one in front of me nor behind me, I loved all the cheering.  The city does a great job, first class event. I couldn’t get over how many people watched this event, huge amounts of  people on this course and of course the volunteers were unreal.    The two loops on everything makes this race feel short to the beast of old Ironman Canada one loop giant.

Some serious speed!  Watch out Kona!

Some serious speed! Watch out Kona!

I can’t say enough about my teammates, had some good chats and learn a lot from everyone.  It was very inspiring to see Scott win, and everyone else out there.  Ironmans are hard, and we all finished.  I also have to say a huge thanks to Tri Geeks for the help and getting me set up for race day.  New shoes two weeks before were awesome and the salt apparently was needed.  Every Man Jack for getting us all together and LG for keeping comfortable, Sag  Monkey for the tuned up, Enve , Muscle milk, and Rudy.

5th in my Age group/ 30th overall including Pros- 9:51 / which last year was 9:50–wind was rough…heard a few say they pushed 20 more watts this year and were 15-20 minutes slower.  Scott was first Canadian too, Heather Wurtele was second, and I think i was third or fourth;/


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