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::Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii, 2012. ::

The Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii was a battle for many reasons, mostly just the fact that I was truly out of fight before I even got there.  I enjoyed the swim once I got out of the mess but only after a solid blow to my eye.  After getting out of transition and into the mass groupings of bikers which seemed to never thin out, I felt pretty good until about 120km. My last 30-40kms were very tough and after missing my special needs bag I knew it just was going to be a tough day.  After finally getting off my bike and got my running shoes on, a normally exciting time to make up time, I just was empty. I knew this marathon was going to be long…the 1st and last miles were the only ones that were actually what they should have been.  Once we left Kona and headed to the Energy lab, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be coming back.  A lot of walking and drinking, I somehow made it back and was happy to be done.  Not just this race but 2012 triathlon season.  It was about 80kms too long!

::Probably the Second most popular event on the Island…the undee run::

What I did enjoy was all the mess that was around it, and would love to go back…to watch.  Seeing all the Pros in town, events, gear, bikes, and crazy triathlete people was amazing.  In a few years I might look at getting back at it to make the run a more enjoyable part of the race, but when you get in 3 days before the race in conditions like that, I really wasn’t surprise of the result.  Swim was strong, most of the bike was strong and the run, well it wasn’t a huge surprise…I think doing St George, Ironman Canada, and Kona is enough for one tough year of Ironman racing.

::Ali’i drive…a very busy road. Always full of bikes and runners.::

::I was very impressed with the gear they give ya. I got another backpack as well. Truely first class::

::very cool name plates for your bike.::

::Morning sunrise from the condo…we stayed about 1.5 miles from the start @ the Wyndham Kona resort.::

::More of these latter..::

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