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Iron Update

The running shoe rack.

I have been going  solid on the training  since Christmas and feeling pretty good.  Legs are feeling tired almost on a daily basis with all the biking,  but going to have to trade a few of the biking days into runs for the up coming marathon in less then 2 months.  Overall feeling strong and wanting to get into a race soon.

As the weeks move on (I think I am on the 15th week) so has the dollar amount.  I missed running the Fort Half, but  just signed up for the Oliver Half Iron on June the 6th and planning on doing another half later on in the season.    I will be racing the BMO Vancouver marathon on the second of May and maybe another trip down to Vegas for the Rock and Roll race.  I am almost @ a thousand dollars this year alone on race fees!

Along with racing goes more equipment, I bought a new set of race day running shoes, and  looking at getting my wetsuit for the lake.  The Bike has been able to hold up so far, and so has the trainer.

One of the major purchases that I was wanting to get before the spring was a camper.   I recently just bought one on Wednesday and will have some pictures of the house on wheels here soon.

Day off tomorrow and then back at it Saturday.  I will be getting on the fundraising train here in the next few weeks, so for those who would like to donate check this page out!