::Iron Bike Room::

::360 picture::

In winter months I spend majority of my time down in the basement. It took me a little bit to finally set it up the way I wanted it but its working well now.  It needed to be functional for both as a studio space for computer/art work but also to be used for bike training.  Two main things I needed to keep in mind when I was setting up “the bike room/studio”.

1) I don’t have cable TV so all my entertainment comes off the Internet, so I have everything centered around my desk.  I built the desk with both these functions in mind.  Its always good to get within a headphone cables distance from your source; computer, laptop or TV so you don’t need to crack up the audio.

2) A basement was my best bet to start the bike room for many reasons but the biggest has to be the concrete floor.  It can get wet, easy to clean, and I can drag the trainer all over it.  I also added little piece of plywood under mine just so when I lube up the chain it doesn’t stain the floor.  I’ve seen a lot of people use a rubber mat for under your bike, which would work , some use a towel but oil will go right through it.

I’ve been riding in my basement for over two years now and have found this set up to work pretty dam good, I’m interested to see and hear how others have there bike rooms.  Links, pictures or even an email to me would be great.  I hope to do a post with other tips and tricks later on.  Email — [email protected]