Innovative Fitness Half Marathon

Got the results back from the Innovative Fitness Half Marathon in White Rock.  Pretty solid run, but I would have to say it was one of the tougher half routes I’ve done.  A lot of turns and gradual hills that gives you some pretty heavy legs.  Small run with just over a hundred entries but  it is a well organized and marked.   I think the finish had to be my favorite, finishing up on a track, the 9 am start isn’t so bad either.

chucked a 1:29.14 placed 8th.  Gearing up for the full marathon now…

Some quick shots just before the run.

 white_rock_halfmarathon2 white_rock_halfmarathon

After the run, jumped into the truck and ran out to North Van and did the grid.  Here are some shots from on top of the mountain.


 grouse2 grouse3