House Updates…bathroom

Bathroom has been done for awhile but since everything is all clean up i’ll go through the whole house.  I think I had the most fun thinking about what to do in the bathroom.  Since its a 1950’s house the bathroom is pretty small and also the only one on the main floor.

We gutted the bathroom just like the rest of the house.  We maximize the room by adding a stacking unit in behind the shower wall.  It Taps into the showers plumbing.  I added a deeper tub with two different colors of tile.  Bronzed faucets and taps with my favorite, stamped concrete floors with a pebble flooring accent.

The floors were done in multiple steps with the pebble accent getting set into place with a sacking mix and then grouting the gabs a day later.  The next day we pored and stamped the pattern in concrete with the pebble accent covered up to prevent it from getting messed up from the concrete.  After a day we cleaned off the powder that is placed on the concrete so we can peel off the stamp pads.  Then a week later a sealer is applied  to gloss it up.