Heritage Posters and music Store, Calgary

When I was in Calgary I made a stop at a store called Heritage Posters and Music.  It was only a few short blocks from the friends place I was staying at.  Apparently they just moved from across the street to a much larger store.  We had a few words with the owner, and was well worth our time.  He was very knowledgeable and knows the industry.  A good bulk of these Heritage posters are  signed either by the artist who created them or the band.   There had to be hundreds if not thousands of posters littered all over the walls with even more music and accessories.

Store is located on 1502 11th Avenue SW, in Calgary, Alberta.  They have a website at www.heritageposters.ca. Like his online store, the actual store is cool on its own.  They have jammed every inch with posters, music, cars, and anything that looks cool that deals with all those things. One of my favorite  feature of the store  was an old vintage car inside the store. The outside of the store is no different. Bright colors and posters all over the walls of the exterior.   Its pretty hard to miss if your driving down 14th because the store is a piece of Heritage art.  I had some fun taking pictures of the outside.  This was one of my favorite stops on my trip.