:: Hemlock Resort, Ski day #1::

Sunday started with a trip up to Hemlock Valley for the first day of the season.  They opened on Wednesday with little over 100cm base, a little too soon to really enjoy all the terrain but we were able to enjoy some sunshine.  Not a lot of people out, so that meant not lines…


51 bucks gets you a full day of skiing, and another 20 gets you a pitcher of beer at Old Mollys, well maybe less.  Not much new to report from the ski resort other then a little raise in their pricing and I believe they offer a few more days through out the week for a total of 5.

::On our way out, hill is looking a little thin::

I haven’t heard if they are keeping their ladies ski free day on Thursday or their 5 buck Friday night skiing but I’m sure they will have some tricks up there sleeves as the year moves on.

::I should have stopped a few more times on the way home, some crazy lighting e.::