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Ironman Fundraiser

Solid week into my training for the 2010 year and getting pumped for some upcoming events.  As mentioned in a previous post the main focus of this year is the Ironman in Penticton, BC.  I’ll post most of my training and day to day shit on twitter, with more scenic training days and races via the blog.

Another fairly large goal I have for this year is to raise 5, 000 dollars for the Heart and Stroke Fountain in coordinates with the Ironman.  It took me a little while to figure out which charity to help out especially since  have dealt with others  with the Art Project.  I thought this one was a good fit and hope others can help along the way.

I have set up a third party page on the Heart and Stroke Fountain site for quick and easy donations.  You can print you tax form right from the site.  If you don’t feel comfortable donating online you can print and mail a form, or  you contact me directly.  I have also created a special section on this blog that will remain “sticky” for anytime donations or a quick link to check out the status of how things are going.

I am planning on designing a t-shirt to help spread the word,   I hope to have those ready for the Half Marathon in Feburary.  Let me know if anyone is interested in recieving one.

From Last Years Ironman