::Goodlife Victoria marathon 2011…::

Felt like I was just writing and editing photos from this race last year.  This year has gone by so fast, I guess when all you do is work, bike, work ,swim, work ,run, run , swim, and maybe a beer in there…things go by very fast.  Mirroring last year, this would be my first race after the Ironman in Penticton.  Traditionally this race has always been a bit of a fight for me,  I had  one of my worse marathon crashes here a few years back . After Ironman this year I really wanted to make up for a garbage marathon split.  I was going after this race a little more relaxed with two really focused weeks of training three weeks before the race.

::This was at probably the best section of the race::

My plan was to go after the first 10km and hope to hold on for the rest of the race.  This has to be the most controlled, relaxed, and enjoyable running race I have had to date.  The whole race felt smooth, and just had a gel at the start and one at about 50 minutes with a few water splashes mixed in.    I  didn’t know my pace til about 5 km but knew I was goin pretty good and with my 10km split 38ish I felt I could set myself up for a pretty good time.  Dropped about 2 minutes off my fastest with 1:21.5 , giving me a minute or two breathing room for a New York Qualifying time.  I’ll be looking at getting under 1:20 mark in the new year.

As always this race is first class with a huge turn out and a good group of spectators. I am not a huge fan of the terrain but the ocean views and city streets make it one of the best for scenery. If you get a lucky, like we did this year without rain or wind, it’s pretty tough to beat.


 ::obviously the winners of the marathon::

::This guy was my favorite guy.::