::First race of 2012 ::

::Shot of the smaller lake...did a little 5km swim around this guy in 2010::

After gliding through October, November,and  December with no real direction, I was using the Lake Samish 13.1 in Bellingham as a kick off to 2012 but also to see how things held up.  With no  serious running through these months and I was hoping that  a little of 2011 to get me through.   I was also hoping to surprise myself or at lease not disappoint myself.  Overall  I am sitting right where I thought I would be.

:: I think this is second loop, mile 9 or 10..not really having fun at this point::

As the race went on I felt alright and then after the first 6.5 mile loop I though I could push a little more.  At mile 8, I quickly found myself hanging on with the group that was kinda the chase group.  Then with about a mile left,  after not running anything longer then 22 kms, it quickly showed.  My energy was there but my legs weren’t.  Of course I was hitting the wrong buttons on my watch throughout the race so I had no idea where I stood. As I came to the finish line, I was a little surprise that I didn’t fall off that much and was still a head of my last years time at this race by about 2 minutes.  Can’t complain right?

::Started just before this bridge, and headed South::

As I said last year, this has to be one the the most basic and straight forward runs.  It has two distances, the 6.5 and the 13.1 mile and is placed in my regular rotation for a few reasons… 10 dollar price tag is the main one!.  Mile markers everywhere, and a great view for a starting line.  This year got a bit better then last year with new timing system, and they had an extra van into their shuttle rotation so the race was only 10 minutes late instead of 20 😉    Race site here  and results here.