First post–WTF

It is 1:20 am on I guess a saturday morning now.  For some stupid reason after spend my Friday night trying to fix Paypal on my pet project I decided to start my blog.

I blame it on Mediatemple our hosting company becasue they have word press for free.  I got sidelined and here we are.

Today was super fun.  Kicking holes in dry wall, signing up for another stupid run (fall classic 21k) just after doing a marathon about a month ago, and drank a lot of coffee.

Here is a good fist entry

::Currently right now.  I am ripping appart my house.  As of right now the basement is completed and now woking on the upstairs.

Here is my office/gallery in the basement.

My Kitchen


And Back Deck

Tomorrow is Searching for a gallery space for the Art Project Downtown Vancouver BC.  Should be interesting to see what we come up with.  I’ll do a post of some of my new Art work hopefully tomorrow.  I just printed out a 24×96 image that is pretty cool.  It was done more for a test but not a bad test at that.

Night! or morning..?