::Fall Cycling shots::

::I was able to sneak out of work a bit early last week and I got out on my bike. I’ve been out maybe twice since Kona…winter came fast! Took my SLR with me and shot some of my favorite stops.

::I was lucky enough to get out on a blue bird, all through the race season I see spots I would love to stop and take some shots….today was this day.::

::This is my favorite spot on one of my regular routes. The mountain just stops and the flats start. In the distance is a tree that sits on it own that makes this spot so unique. I’ve shot this spot tons of times but finally the light was bang on.

::I was out for almost 2 hours, and was running out of sunlight.::

:: A good finish to the set::

Interested in any photos…shoot me message/ or leave a comment.