::New Balance Fall Classic, Vancouver, BC::

After a big season triathlon season, my training of bike, run , swim, has turned to beer, run, and a little swim. I came home with my tail between my legs after a very rough day on the marathon course in Kona. The rest of October felt very long but I haven’t thrown in the towel on the season yet. I have a bit of unfinished business to the 2012. I met all my goals this season except from my stupid sub 1:20 marathon. I’m heading into Vancouver Sunday morning to tackle the New Balance Fall Classic, a race I have done a few times before. A usually cold time of the year always makes for an interesting race morning with past races being in the snow, ice and wind. Fingers crossed, all that holds off and gives me some decent conditions to really go after this race. Running has been feeling really dam good.

Brooks T7 Racer Running Shoes

I’ll be trying out another new set of brooks this weekend and hope my legs turn em fast. The most minimal shoe that they have out there and hope they feel as good as the green silences did. They are a tight fitting shoe and recommend getting them a size and a half bigger. I stuck with my regular 10.5 and they have been feeling OK. I’ll kept you posted if I lose any toenails after the race. I really enjoying the light and narrow platform for this shoe and they look fast too!

::Running in snow in 2010::