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::Extended training::

I remember this time last year wanting to finish off the season with one more race.  September is such a great time of year for training.  The days are still warm and the sunsets are amazing.  This week I’ve been hitting the grind stone pretty hard but also enjoying my evening rides.  Things are a bit more relaxed now but looking forward to a good race in Kona on the 13th. Some shots from the last few weeks…

Every time I ride past this spot I want to stop and take a picture. I love how the mountains just end and the farmland starts.

One of my favorite routes close by my house right along the US boarder. Probably one of the most peaceful spots you can ride. You and the road…

An amazing summer for weather and training leaves a lot of fields in the Fraser Valley a little dry. If the mountains weren’t in the back u’d think it was Alberta.

Those long 9 o’clock mid week bike rides are turning into an early work day and a fast track to get out on the bike…I’m slowly losing daylight.

Long afternoon ride out to Harrison… This September weather needs to stay!