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::Extended pain, Kona ::

In regular Ironman fashion I extended the pain of Ironman racing with some ink. This time I had to wait a little longer after Ironman Canada due to the fact that I was racing again in 6 weeks. So this tattoo would carry some meaning for both these races. I’ve been having a hard time taking some real time off, so this also helps with staying out of the pool too.

3 hibiscus flowers, three meaning, my 3rd ironman Canada and obvious choice of flower for my qualifying and racing Kona. Forearm was a bit tender but the rest was a walk in the park. It will be a pretty good reminder of the two years of work to get me there, as well as the toughest race I’ve done to date.

Lately I’ve been going to the same shop a mile from my house, great place with great artists. I had to wait a good handful of weeks and after about an hour of work, I was once again pleased with Jesse’s freehand work.

::This one is on my forearm, my favorite one out of the three and the one I’ll be looking at the most. ::

For the locals around here in the Fraser Valley, this shop is great. They take great care of you and most importantly great work. I had Jesse the shop owner do my last two pieces. http://www.mementomoristudios.ca/