Dynamic Events Oliver half Ironman 2017

Kicked of the 2017 race season with my favorite Half Ironman course around BC if not the Pacific Northwest.   The double loop course of all three disciplies is laid out along the BC’s wine captial in an almost made for a triathlon setting.  The closed off swim that is right beside the campsite, that in previous years you would have to book a full year ahead of time.   Last year I choose Victoria 70.3 for the season opener but was a little frustrated with the long walk to the start and more importantly the looon walk out.  With the full family in tow, the same issues don’t exist with Oliver half ironman.  We camp at the Lakeside Resort that is closer then a stones throw from the swim start with the transition a short 2 minute walk.  Spectating is just as easy with a few loops on all sections of the race right at the campsite.   Not without it’s issues in the past the Dynamic race events is back on track and delivering first class events with a huge local vibe. Adding a seasons pass option this year that also gets you into many other great races throughout the year.  The best part is that it’s getting more first comers into the sport with a solid value.


I’m not going to ramble on about my race other then I was very surprised with how I was able to hold on to a pretty good fitness level with 6-10 hrs a week and a few swims.  The relaxing vibe on race day was a nice change from the hussle of the larger events.  Didn’t get lost or too confused this time around on the course ;.  I did have a little help on the run when for some reason I wanted to go left but the sign clearly said right- thanks Martin for the “go right” :0.



In terms of weather the windy day made for some challenging biking, but didn’t phase me too much.  Temps were great, and wasn’t up in the high 30’s as the last time I did this race. Most importantly the water temp was surprisingly warm with a 30min swim, which was probably the most I could do with the full wetsuit on.



This season with so much going on, ( main focus at the end of the year at the ITU long course worlds) I decided to go with the season pass option that Dynamic had at the beginning of the year and will dip into my second race here in two weeks at Cultus Lake. (which I believe there are a few spots left)  I would argue that Dynamic has locked down the best race vues in B.C. with just these two races with others on the island I have yet to race.  Looking forward to racing here soon with the short turn around.

I couldn’t quite squeeze on the podium in Oliver but was happy with the 4th place and a good time riding the bike.  The swim and the bike were a bit of a grind, (with the usually hammy lock up and stretch out) but was able to finish off strong.  Sending out a big thank you to Dynamic and their team as well as Every Man Jack, and all of our sponosrs.  Felt comfortable all day and having the right products make things go a lot smoother.


Huge gallery of the race can be seen here: http://preservedlight.com/oliver-half-iron-aquabike-2017

Race results here : https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=44885

You can already sign up for 2018 here : http://www.dynamicraceevents.com/events/
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