Crazy Races and a bit more…

This week has been a regular week with training and work, but have received some interesting emails for up coming races.  I love the creativity that event organizers are using to get more people interested.  It seems to become an increasingly competitive business to get people to take part in their event with the sport becoming more mainstream.





The first email was from the Rock and Roll series for their Vegas, December of 2011.  I have done this race in 2009, the first year they took to the strip.  Was a really interesting race, with a pretty early start but they did have the whole strip closed off for the race.  I found it to be expensive then, and 2011 will be no different with early sign up being 120 bucks- ouch!  The big  twist to the whole thing is that in 2011 it will be at night, cool, maybe better…I think yes.  I do a majority of my mid week running in the dark and think it would be something I would love to try.  I guess I better work a few more hours this week to pay for the race though.

The Warrior Dash was the second email I received from being signed up with map my run.  This race looks more like a round up your buddies and see who can get the most wrecked in both senses of the word.  Looks pretty dam awesome though.  Its in Whistler on August 6th, for 50 bucks you can race the 3.07 ” hellish ” miles.   They claim it will be the craziest frickin day of your life.




Of course a pretty fun one would be the Disney World marathon.  I know a few people have done this one, and they have done it more then once.  They make this one a full weekend of racing, and if your feeling pretty good, do a few races while your down there.  These ones are a few bucks too, with early sign ups at about 125 us.  Make sure you get a picture of yourself giving Mickey a smash to the face.  The Disneyland/ Disney World parks have multiple events and races going on throughout the year, Here is a link to their calender.