Concrete styles 101

Been a busy week since the weather has been nice, so that means it time to make some money.  We’ve been busy  taking out and replacing  residential concrete driveways, we have done 4 just in the last week and a half.  While some  have been a normal broom-finish type driveway,  others, have a bit more complexity.  We do all type of driveways from smooth, broom finish, stained, and stamped.  You can also add more dimensions to your concrete by adding colors, boarders, inserts, and murals.  Prices usually range from 1.50 a square foot to a 90 dollars a square foot for the highest level of complexity.

At my house we have done many types of concrete inside as well as outside, from colored fake wood stamp pattern in my kitchen to rock pattern in my bathroom.  My kitchen (from previos post) has a smooth finish with black coloring mixed in with the concrete. Outside I have a similar rock pattern  (from the bathroom)around my padio as well as walk way.  In my studio I have a smooth finished floor with 4 colors stained on it to give it a rustic feel.

Stamp Kitchen Floor  with a wood pattern.

Stamp Kitchen Floor with a wood pattern.

Above are shots of my kitchen floors with a brown concrete.  We don’t normally do interior stamp mostly due to the mess, but if your willing to put up with it-its very modern way to fancy up your house.

Bathroom Shot

Bathroom Shot--Stamp rock pattern

Here is a shoot of my bathroom floor.  Stamp concrete with a rock tile in set.  A lot of work but the end result is well worth it.  Probably my favorite room of the house, mostly because of the floor.
Black Counters in my Kitchen.

Black Counters in my Kitchen.

Smooth Finish counter tops with black coloring.  Lightly sanded, and then a high gloss sealer apply to the surface.
Stained Floors in my old Appartment

Stained Floors in my old Appartment

Here is a smooth finish floor with a four color stained pattern.  I also used with style in the basement of my current house.  It is easy to clean, and easy to up keep.  I gives a cool rustic feel to all the rooms.  It also goes with so many styles of room, homes, and designs.
I love the use of concrete for many designs.  Its strong, but can be used in so many different ways.  Different colors, patterns and styles make this material fun to use.  I remind many people that it can a great alternative but should be done by professionals.  It is a tricky material and be very costly if not done correctly.