::Boise 70.3 2014::

There was a lot to think about on the 10 hour drive down from Abbotsford  and a lot to think about on the 9 hour drive home.  The drive took a little longer then I was hoping on the way down with some traffic in Seattle and some construction up on the pass, but  it was nice to drive some new roads.  I hadnt driven south of Thope, Washington before and was kinda looking forward to it.  Drove down Thursday and had a EMJ teamate pickup @ 7 at the Boise airport.  When I first arrived to Boise, I was blow away by the amount of people on bikes.  It was crazy bike everywhere, and where we stayed, was a mountain bike hot spot with the trails right out our back door.


The windows looking out into the golf course and hill side.  Good nap spot.

The windows looking out into the golf course and hill side. Good nap spot.  House was amazing, it was about 10-15 minutes from the finish line.

This race wasn’t really a part of the pre season plan but after looking at different options I thought I would tackle this one.  Noon start on a Saturday seems like a interesting idea, and thought I might enjoy something a little different.  After the picked up EMJ teamate Paul Duncan, which later would be the center of some serious story telling, we  had all day Friday to get things ready for Saturday.  Once we got back to the house Thursday night, Paul had one of my worst fears happened to him.  The old airport bike smash, like holy sh#t man, they landed a plane on this thing and then stuffed it back in the bag.  SOUTHWEST **cough cough***.  They have amazing customers service too, if you have a softcase that is TSA approved, “nope sorry can’t help you.”  If you don’t show up IN person within 4 hours of your flight landing, “nope sorry can’t help you.”  Wow southwest you guys are top-shelf!  We did go back and of course, our southwest rep was super helpful, like employee of the month stuff.  They did nothing, except they did do a courtesy claim! Victory!   She basically told us that its more likely the bike would fix its self over night.southwest     We had to get Paul ready and with is S-works Di2 rig needing a whole new tri setup on the front end and  I was also getting on a new wheel set that needed  set up with brakes, gears and adjustments too.   With that all figured out we had a big day ahead of us Friday.   Once again theMONKEY saved the weekend, just like in Palm Springs Palm Springs. We ran around town, found parts and got Pauls bike set up in the late evening.  I had John for Sag Monkey pull the cassette off one of my old rims and on to the racing ones and boom, ready.  Of course everyones fingers were crossed that Paul didn’t have any cracks in the fork or frame.   With the noon start things were still pretty mellow,  we had 3 guys including my self staying at the house so we were all ready by 8:30 Saturday.

7 guys from EMJ were racing and man it was cool to be in transition before the race and seeing everyone.  By about 11:30 I was ready for a nap and or a coffee.  12:19 swim start in some cold water fixed that quickly and we were off.  I would say the logistics of this race are pretty bad.  A lot of questions on how things work, with bike drop,  parking etc, but the course was great.  The wind made it tough on the bike but still enjoyed the terrain and if I wasn’t in some serious cramping and f#ck running attitude,  the run course is awesome.  Running along the city bike path with the riders cheering ya on was pretty cool.  My favorite spot was on the run at the bridge about 2-3 miles from the finish with maybe 100 people sitting and cheering.  The only spot were I wasn’t thinking about my hammies!

The old finish line shuffle.

The old finish line shuffle.

I wasn’t happy with my Florida race back in April with a tough run spilt, and going into this race I was hoping I wouldn’t have that same flat feeling.  It pretty much went the same way and started a little earlier on the bike leg.   My hammies were locking up on the way back into town into the wind.  The whole run I was thinking my taper for Ironman Couer D’ alene starts right after the run.  Feeling pretty burnt out and tired, hoping i’ll have the fight needed for the big dance at the end of the month. All the travel, driving and heavy volume is telling me to rest up!

Ended up 10th in my group, with a 4:40.  Was hoping for 4:25-30- but a 1:38 run split kinda blow that up.  After running a half marathon two weeks before with no rest in the last two weeks, I should have seen this one coming.  Still had fun, and enjoyed seeing some of the guys again from EMJ.


The team had a solid weekend with 4 more World slots and a few top 3 age group spots too!  All ways much thanks to TRI Geeks for the support and keeping me ready, Every Man Jack, and Sag Monkey.

Pauls write up can be read here too.

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