::BMO Vancouver half marathon 2013::

Media and shirt for 2013

Media and shirt for 2013

The BMO Vancouver marathon was my first running race almost 6 years ago, this year after missing last year due to Ironman St George…I ran the half marathon.  I have always enjoyed and usually do well running this race.  Had a tough time getting the legs going Sunday morning!  The start is a nice down hill rip, after a quick uphill start, and then the guts of the race takes you to best spots to go running in Vancouver.  For me, I just couldn’t get into my rhythm, with rolling hills and a few quick turns, the mind and body just could put things together.  I’ve been waiting for one of these races to show up!

From what I heard from a few people is that they changed the course again, I found the finish one of the toughest! I really enjoyed the old route once they took that nasty Stanley Park hill out.  But what can I say, despite my tough day, running in Vancouver on a sunny

Beer drink spot after the race.

Beer spot after the race.

day is amazing.  I’ve ran in Central Park, all around New York city, Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, Victoria, Couer D’ alene, Las Vegas, New Orleans, St George, Calgary, many a small town, but Vancouver is still my favorite.

I was hoping to break out of my 1 year long 1:20, but it still remains.  I came in at 1:20.33,  32nd out of 3992.  At some point this year, it will get smashed and I’ll hopefully continue to improve.  Now the tri season is on the go with my first race in Victoria on May 26th.  Looking forward to it!  I’ll be trying out some new gear, and will have a review of how it worked out later on.  Since I was running, I don’t have any pics to share…sorry.

Results for the race.