BMO Race Round up.

the old bip

Nice wet Sunday but wasn’t too bad with over 13, 000 in the race and close to 1,900 doing the full distance.  Once again the race was well put on, well marked and had more then enough water and gel stops.  Enjoyed most of it but I think the last mile was the best, coming in the 4 minutes to spare and my legs still working.

This was the third time I have done the Vancouver, and it still has to be the one I like the most.  There wasn’t as many people watching this year, but I think the weather had a very large part in that.  Finished up with a 3:06.28 and made the top 100.  Now I am thinking a sub 3 hour might be in the cards for the fall.

Went out at a crisp 41 minutes for the 10k mark and was wanting around the 43 range, so a bit fast, then clocked 1:29.11 for the half and was able to hold on for with a 1:37.2.  Felt good and could have maybe pushed the second half a bit more but overall was happy with the result.  Next up the run for water half marathon on the 30th, but not before a trip up to penny for a ride on the ironman bike course.