Birthday/ BMO Vancouver Marathon weekend.

This weekend was a hard weekend to be good. It was my 29th birthday, but it was also Vancouver Marathon on the same day. There was a pretty large group of friends running the full, as well as my mom and another group of friends doing the half marathon. The weather was awesome, sunny but not too hot. We all trainned for about 4 months and all of us dropped large amounts of time, ranging from 18 minutes to 15 minutes.

The course was different from when I ran it in 2006. We didn’t have to run up that ugly hill to prospect point. (halfers did though) 2006 was the first marathon that I did, and doing my research, did it in 3:33.15. This last weekend 3:15.56, getting closer to a Boston time, but still pretty far away. The qualifying time for that for my age group is 3:10.59, or I can wait til I am 35 and squeak in at a 3:15.59. Here is the list.

I really enjoy doing this marathon, a lot of people turn up to cheer and it takes you through many great parts of the city. 2006 had a more scenic route taking you right through Gastown, but also had alot more hills. This year you went through small parts of Gastown, Grandville Island, and most notable , Stanley park. I think Stanley Park had to be my favorite part with a lot of peeks of the water.

Here is a cool little article from Kelly Grant from the Vancouver Sun about their experience.

Here is a video of some crazy dude huckin the thing with no shoes…

I was lucky enough to stay with a friend that lived 2 blcoks away so I could sleep in, as well as get a hot tub afterward. I took a few shots of the halfers running by, they started at 7:00, while we had a 7:30 start.