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::Biking and Running with Sugoi Athletic performance Apparel::

My first year racing triathlon, as well as my first ironman was in 2010. It was a great year and big year. A new sport also means new gear. I wasn’t going into triathlon totally blind, but man there is a lot of “stuff” to buy. After a solid two years of learning tips, tricks, and testing, I figured it was time to get some new stuff.

My first few years I was using Atac sportwear, and to be honest, I wasn’t happy with their stuff. I design and ordered my racing and bike jersey from them but after a few months the stitching started to fall out as well as the black coloring started to fade a little to quickly.

::Sugoi, Tri top. Fits nice!::

This year I will be wearing something a little different thanks to Sugoi. Yesterday a nice little package came to my back door just in time before I head out to Las Vegas for half marathon and St George course preview. Just on the surface I am already impressed with the design as well as the feel of the products.

::back has two rear pockets::

I’ve been using Sugoi products pretty much from day one since they are in almost every running and biking shop in BC. I have everything from t-shirts to booties, to arm sleeves to winter gloves. I really do enjoy their products and they have been keeping me warm and comfortable through this crappy winter/Spring weather. I highly recommend checking out their stuff. Its made to last, looks pretty dam good, and is designed smart.

::Butt loads of padding, those 5-6 hour rides might feel ok::

I am currently in search of spring, and the timing for this trip to Las Vegas to run probably couldn’t come at a better time. Snow on the ground, mixed with hail and some crazy wind, really makes long training days/ weeks very tough. We are almost half way into march and I am ready for some Las Vegas heat. I hope the shit weather stays at home!

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