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Bike stuff

Headed out on the bike Sunday morning for one of the longest rides to date, thought I had my bike all tuned up and ready but I ended up having a few little issues near the end of the ride.  At the 2 hour 20 mark my rear tire fell apart but I had a few extra tubes so that got me on my way back to the starting part.   My legs felt a little stiff from the run the day before but body is fine, just not bike this round.

New stuff, minus the tubes

I went on a little shopping trip and picked up 2 tires, 2 water bottles, 2 tubes, and another water bottle rack.   Spent 160 dollars and still need a few more parts.  Just over 300 dollars in extras after buying the bike, and thinking about another 200-400 dollars more.

New Tire, old tire

After mounting the tire, I also found that the latch that holds the rear wheel on also needed to be replaced. Pretty happy I was at home when this one happened.  All and all the bike has performed pretty well so far and thinking I might not be needing a new one.   I guess after a few more heavier days and  I will know for sure.  I think I will know for sure after June 6ths race.

New Tires, water bottle holder, and mounted the air pump.