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Big weeks ahead

130m plus pool = easier to count laps

Getting into the heavy training and trying to get a little more creative in how I go about my day.  On Saturday I did a quick swim in the morning and then jumped on my bike and rode out to Harrison , and finished up with an 8km run around the old neighborhood.  Felt nice finally getting some good weather to get out and my burnt right arm took full advantage of it.

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Sunday  I got up and ran into the city for some pretend open water swimming at Kits pool.  I wish this huge ass pool was closer to my hub in Abby so I could hit it up a little more often.  I love how long the pool is,I don’t loose count and don’t have to turn so much.  Another kick ass feature of this long ass pool is that its salt water, so you don’t feel all chemical-ed  up once you get out.

From the Pool deck... Please stay sun.