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Backcountry trip

Shots from last week, finally getting some together.  We head up the duffy lake road just up from Pemberton.  Felt weird being back there, since the last time was for the big music festival.  Sledded into a cabin up the valley and stayed for 5 nights and four days of solid skiing.  Had some good skiing, but were limited on what we could ski since the snow was pretty unstable.

Got up a 4:00am to get past the Olympic check point Saturday morning and then head into the mountains.  We ended up stopping in Whistler for lunch on the way back but not much was going on.  I’ll try and add some video off my phone from our walk through center of the village and I’ll add more pictures once I find some time.

Shot from the top of the ridge we where on-looking East

Little bit of wind on the last run on the first day

Boyz coming down.

The view coming up in the morning from the day before. Practice for there next figure 8 contest, might need some more.