::Art Smashin::

Been working on a few new pieces, trying out different techniques and styles and been pretty happy with the way this particular piece has been going. Its a similar technique I’ve used in the past but I’m trying to push the idea a little further.

Started with a 3 foot x 15 inch piece of plywood, sanded it all down and then started playing with water, Chinese ink, sandpaper, and sponges.

::After the sanding, and the first layer of Chinese ink on the plywood::

::A little bit of water and a sponge to lighten up the first layer of ink.::

::Fresh layer of water, layered on top of the ink::

::This is what a dry product looks like. I built and played with a few of these, this was the second one. ::

Once everything dried, I lined the outside of the plywood with a cedar boarder. After the frame is done, I placed the printed image on the plywood.

::Final image processed image::

Final Piece below, with completed image.

::Final Imaged Piece::