Art and Olympic Shots

Spent my Saturday night hitting up a few events in Vancouver, first was a show and auction held by PUBLIC magazine! in  a cool little space across from the  new Woodwards building.  Some really cool pieces and a good mix of different talent.  Shots from the show can be seen here.

After the Public magazine launch party, we headed down to Chapel Arts for I heart Van Arts Launch Party for a festival that will be during the Olympics in Yaletown.  The crew that put this event on did an amazing job and used the the chapel to perfection .  A lot of  talented artists, as well as a large range of mediums from the music, art, and sculpture.  I was impressed with the overall set up and huge turn out.  They are also looking for volunteers for the festival during the olympics, so check out their site if your interested.

After the night out, headed down to some of the main venue that will house the Olympics.  Some really interesting structures and buildings all around the false creek area.  The hype has  started.  I don’t have any tickets but I will have to head down and see the gears turning, maybe check out a few of the free things going on.  Found a list free music concerts from

Things are looking all good. There is the half a million affordable housing.

The non science world, its the center to learn about 2014 in Russia. I think...

See a hint of Cypress from Downtown.