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::Another set of Brooks::

Closing in on less then two weeks til Ironman Canada, and thought I would like to try a different set of shoes for the marathon.  I dipped back into the Pure series that Brooks came out with over a year ago, and came up with the Pure Flows.  After running the St. George Ironman marathon in a pair of Pure Connects, I was really happy with the shoe but not with the arch pain I had for two days after. I really liked narrow feel of the Pure Connect as well as the light, and overall compact feel of the shoe.  I still would recommend this shoe for a halfer but it isn’t the best shoe for 174 pound guy to finish off an ironman.

I order these right here from Canada with not much price difference then the US. $135, but obviously limited on colours…

After about 70kms in the new Flows I do enjoy the softness of the shoe, but do find the toe area to be a bit large, almost like a Mizuno.  I’ve added some quick laces for easier shoes popping when I’m in transition with my fingers crossed it does a good job of keeping the shoe tight.  I have a narrow foot and hope that I won’t have any shifting of my foot once I get into the 30plus kms.

The shoe feels pretty light compared to most softer shoes but I do notice that it doesn’t have the nice compact feel of a minimal shoe like the Green Silence or the Pure Connect. To be honest after about 3 weeks running in them I really think they are a great training distance shoe, but for 10km or a half I woud stick with my Pure Connects, and might even make a race day decision to go back to my Pure Connects.

Pretty major different in the structure on the bottom of the shoe. The guy at store pointed it out to me. The Pure Connect is almost like a track spike in its design. Super slim.

The latest crowed. I loved my Green Silence shoes but man they get beat up quick. A very minimal shoes that breaks down fairly fast.

The count down is on for my 3rd Ironman Canada, and might be my last IMC. Looking forward to it and hope it’s would be as hot as last year!

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